Covid-19 Supporters Code of Conduct:

1. Supporters must not attend the match if they:

  • Are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms (a list of Covid-19 symptoms can be found HERE
  • Have tested positive for Covid-19 and are required to isolate
  • Have been with anyone infected with Covid-19 within 14-days of the match; and/or
  • Must quarantine due to visiting or making a transit stop in a non-exempt country

In any of the above situations, supporters should contact the Ticket Office (stating their Fan ID, Name and Seat Location ie. Block, Row and Seat Number) to cancel the ticket, ensuring they have the opportunity of attending an alternative match

2. In line with NHS Track & Trace guidelines, when applying for a ticket, supporters must ensure their personal and contact details are correct and must provide a current mobile phone number

The club is required to secure details of supporters attending the match. The club will retain and, if necessary, process data relating to the supporter which may include personal information for administrative, legal, and health and safety purposes (including without limitation to assist with NHS Track & Trace requirements). Personal data will be stored and, if necessary, processed in accordance with the club’s privacy policy

3. Tickets are non-transferable - the supporter named on the ticket must be attending the match

4. Supporters must ensure they only sit in their designated seat. Supporters will not be permitted to move seats at any time

5. Supporters are advised to wear a face mask, face covering or face visor within the concourse, toilets and walking to their seats.

7. Supporters are responsible for their own health and safety, and should also act accordingly to protect the health and safety of other supporters and club officials

8. Supporters engaging in any conduct purposely intended to transmit, or could reasonably be construed to purposely transmit, the Covid-19 virus to another person will be ejected from the stadium. The Police will be informed, and the supporter will receive a lifetime ban from the club

9. If a supporter develops Covid-19 symptoms whilst at the stadium, a club official should be notified immediately. The supporter will be escorted to an isolation area where details of the supporter’s condition and personal information will be recorded before the supporter exits the stadium

10. The stadium will open two hours before kick-off and supporters are encouraged to arrive as early as possible to avoid any queues

11. Supporters are advised to social distancing and follow Covid-19 health and safety guideline when travelling to and from the stadium, especially if using public transport

12. Supporters must always adhere to club officials’ guidelines, and follow the one-way systems within the stadium and designated areas surrounding the stadium

13. Supporters are advised to sanitise their hands before entering the stadium, within the stadium, and when exiting the stadium. Hand sanitiser dispensers will be located at all entrances to the stadium and throughout the concourses

14. Security checks will be in operation as normal, and to help reduce the need or time required for entry searches, supporters are discouraged from bringing any bags to the stadium. The club’s Bag Policy can be found HERE. All kiosks will be open and normal ground regulations on food and drink will apply.

15. When queuing to enter the stadium, within the stadium, and when exiting the stadium, supporters are advised to observe social distancing and other Covid-19 health and safety guidelines

16. Supporters must only enter the stadium via the turnstile number on their ticket or as otherwise directed by club officials

17. Once inside the stadium, supporters will be encouraged to take their seats as soon as possible and not congregate on the concourses

18. When walking up or down steps and using entrances/exits, supporters must keep to the left and give priority to those leaving, allowing them to pass.

19. When using the concourse or toilets, supporters are advised to keep to social distancing and use the handwashing and sanitisation facilities available

20. Supporters are advised not to share refreshments. And, within reason, refrain from chanting, shouting, singing, hugging, high fiving, etc., all of which will help mitigate the virus spreading

21. Payments at the stadium must be made using cashless payment methods with contactless payment methods preferred. There will be no cash transactions

22. Supporters must refrain from touching the Match Ball if it is kicked out of the field of play. A club official will retrieve the ball which will then be sanitised and returned to the field of play

23. Cleaners will be on duty throughout the game to maintain good hygiene, but supporters are encouraged to use cleaning stations located around the stadium to clean areas they are using before and after use. Supporters must dispose of all rubbish in the bins provided

24. Supporters must not approach the Players, Coaching Staff or Match Officials at any time. Signing autographs or posing for photographs is currently not permitted

25. Supporters must not approach the Players, Coaching Staff or Match Officials at any time. Signing autographs or posing for photographs is currently not permitted

26. Supporters should report any breach of this Covid-19 Supporter Code of Conduct by emailing [email protected] quoting the stand, row, and seat number. All reports will be treated with the strictest confidence

27. The Club reserves the right to amend this Covid-19 Supporters Code of Conduct to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements, and to comply with the latest government guidance